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Cabling Tools and Testers - HDSL Circuit Testing

  HDSL 4-Wire COMU

The HDSL 4 wire COMU test unit is used for HDSL circuit testing. While plugging into the protector frame  at the central office, the HDSL line is tested by built-in-attenuators simulating a  stressed circuit, thereby verifying good central office wiring and HDSL repeater  function. This allows a test board technician to easily identify whether the trouble  is in the circuit inside the central office or out in the field, saving valuable time and  erroneous field dispatches.  The COMU test  unit is also typically connected by  a frame attendant rather than a communications technician allowing better utilization of  time.

  Each unit includes a hinged  metal housing for the customer provided repeater cards, two 8' retractable coil cords  (each with 3B1E style protector plugs for direct interface to your protector frame) and is  mounted in a sturdy plastic brief case.  Each unit will be pre-assembled and shipped  to your determined destination (less the repeater card) ready for plug in and immediate  use.

Only $495.00


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